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Triple Whammy! September 15, 2010

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So this recipe came to me from biting into a york peppermint patty. Yes, food truly is that inspirational to me. Bite and BAM! lightening strikes. As you will see I actually decided to do a variation on the york peppermint patty lightening strike because I was having a more peanut buttery chocolate craving. Anyways for those of you who have always wanted a way to eat cookie, candy and brownie at once here is the opportunity! With the stores thinking it’s Halloween you can find those fantastic candy combo bags for a decent price! Enjoy!!

Because One Just Isn’t Enough Cup

Makes about 15 cups


1 box of brownie mix (oil, water, eggs)

15 oreo cookies or mini-chocolate chip cookies

miniature candy of choice (peanut butter cup and peppermint patty, rollo, heath, snickers, milky way…i think you get the idea)

1) Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
2) Grease regular sized cupcake pan (if you get the mini cookies you might be able to fit them into the bite size brownie pan, if you want something a little smaller, meaning more little brownies to eat)

3) Make the brownie batter according to box directions. Place spoon full of brownie mix on bottom of cupcake pan, place cookie and then candy on top in.¬† Then pour brownie mix over cookie/candy. You don’t need to completely cover the candy fill to about 2/3 up the side of the candy.

4) Bake for 28-32 minutes. They are going to be really gooey if you try to prick them with toothpick so look for them pulling away from the sides of the pan, that’s a pretty good indicator they are done.

5) Have the patience to let them cool before you sink your teeth in. (This is the hardest part for me)


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