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1000 Awesome Things about Food July 2, 2009

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Hello! I know I am the worst blogger in all of mankind. I was in the process of building a new post when I moved, a little preview it’s all about our favorite herb, Basil, or as some people call him ‘Bazil’.

In the mean time, a friend of mine had a brilliant idea of making a list of Awesome things about food. I’d love to hear what you think is awesome about food too. To kick us off here is the beginnings of the list…


1) The first bite of warm pizza

2) The last bite of a really good PB&J sandwich with the extra stuff pushed into a delicious jam packed bite

3) Milk chocolate melting on your tongue

4) Secretly positioning yourself to get the biggest/cheesiest/juiciest/sweetest/thing with most icing, etc. ( You know you are guilty of doing this at least once, if not more)

5) The tip of the waffle cone serving as the a mini ice cream sundae cup when you get to that final bite

6) The way the chocolate chips in a fresh made cookie are melted inside the cookie and gives burst of chocolately goodness when you bite in.

Well that’s the kick off to the awesome things about food. Share your ideas too!


2 Responses to “1000 Awesome Things about Food”

  1. Elissa Says:

    A few from me because it is my last day of work and I am out of things to do.

    1) Baking something from scratch with the intention of eating more of the dough/batter than you actually bake. Sometimes nothing makes it into the oven. oops
    2) When others eat your creation and you can tell that they actually think it is good.
    3) When you realize after years of not liking a food that you actually LOVE it (e.g. me and guacamole)
    4) Trying new combinations of foods that you never thought would go together, and then you discover they are GREAT as a duo. (eg french fries in chocolate ice cream, or bugles and yogurt)
    5) Having a good glass of wine that really does compliment your course.
    6) Deliberately not baking brownies all the way through and then eating them with a spoon right out of the baking dish.
    7) A reallllllly good salad dressing (my fav is the ginger dressing at Japanese steak houses)
    8) Dipping french fries in ranch dressing, honey mustard dressing, or just honey.
    9) I love the mystery of a good sauce… not spaghetti sauce, or recognizable sauces (cocktail, tarter, BBQ) but like when you get a good sauce on a burger, or a little dish of it comes with your meal for dipping/spreading. The sauce is just SO GOOD, and I never know what it is, and I don’t want to know. Sometimes I order things specifically for the good sauce.
    10) When you cut into a melon and it is PERFECT. sweet, but not mushy and just delicious.

    I guess that is good for now.

  2. ptpotts Says:

    -when your steak is cooked perfectly
    -burgers on the BBQ
    -finding the perfect poutine
    -when you get fresh popcorn at the movie theatre
    -going for Sunday brunch
    -freshly baked bread with butter
    -when you make the perfect smore over a campfire
    -stocking up on food for a road trip
    -coffee + cigarette
    -beer + cigarette

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